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We can produce concertina coils of razor wire in single coils or crossed coils. Different blade types available for your choice. Special specifications for concertina coils or straight type razor wire are available on request. Standard materials for razor type barbed wire are either galvanized or stainless steel.

 Type: BTO-22
 Thickness of the steel plate: 0.5±0.05
 Wire Diameter: 2.5 ±0. 1mm
 Blade length: 22 ± 1 mm
 Blade width: 15 ± 1 mm
 Blade spacing: 34 ± 1mm
 Coil Diameter: 650mm / 1000MM
 Coil Length: 8Mtr / 12Mtr
 Weight: 8Kgs/16Kgs Per Coil
  Razor Wire
Razor Wire Applications
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