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 Dunet - 95 Commercial Grade Knitted Shade Cloth

Dunet – 95
Knitted Shade Cloth has been specifically developed to Produce a very Strong and stable outdoor Fabric for use in Tension Structures and shade Sails. This range offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, Strength & durability to ensure maintenance free, long life performance.

Dunet – 95 provides Ideal shade solution for School Playgrounds, Car Parks, Sporting Facilities, Swimming Pools and other commercial applications.

Features & Benefits

 Knitted Lock Stitch
 Combines monofilament and tape to produce a dimensionally stable fabric that
 will not tear or fry if cut.
 Base Material
 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). UV Stabilized to retain strength and
 UV Protection
 Provides UVR Block from 91% to 98.8% to create a safe outdoor environment
 Heat Set (Stinted)
 Produces a flat, stable fabric that is easy to fabricate
 Roll Size
 3m x 50m (Centre Folded)
 340 Gsm
 10 Years against UV Degradation

  Shade Nettings
Dunet Flat Filament Knitted Shade Cloth (SSGB6E)
Dunet - 95 Commercial Grade Knitted Shade Cloth
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