Storbox 300

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The most versatile cassette

This awning system with cassette stands out for its great
versatility and adaptability to multiple applications. This
is because it can be mounted in a variety of ways and
because its brackets make installation very easy.
Ideal for installation
• On terraces

Storbox 300
Storbox 300
Storbox 300

European standard
Classification: Class 2

Storbox 300


• Lacquer in accordance with QUALICOAT standards
• Stainless steel screws and bolts

Storbox 300


• Manual
• Motorised
• Automated

Storbox 300

The tension transmission system
This system benefits from the strength and durability of ART 350 invisible arms featuring the internal ART SYSTEM tensioning system to provide greater strength and durability and extend the lifespan of the system.


• Rounded and soft curves whose shapes conceal the mechanical
mounting elements.
• A refined aesthetic so it fits in perfectly even in the most exacting
• Quick and easy installation, preassembled in our workshops.
• (*) An effective system for aligning the arms so that they fit well inside
the cassette, guaranteeing that it closes perfectly every time.

Storbox 300