PVC Inflatable Water Tanks

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Technical Specifications:

Size (L x W x H) Capacity
130cm x 65cm x 30cm 200 Liter
160cm x 150cm x 50cm 1000 Liter
200cm x 200cm x 50cm 2000 Liter
300cm x 200cm x 50cm 3000 Liter
400cm x 200cm x 75cm 6000 Liter
800cm x 200cm x 75cm 12000 Liter
1200cm x 200cm x 75cm 18000 Liter

• Durable & Easy to Handle
• Inlet & Outlet Valves
• Made Of Heavy Duty PVC Coated Fabric
• Includes Repair Kit

 Water Tanks
 Water Tanks